Editorial11 octobre 20171min
« In the name of the entire nation, national public institutions and his own, the Head of State expresses his deepest condolences to the highly respected Mother Olangi Wosho Elisabeth, to the biological family of the deceased, to all the believers of the Spiritual Combat, in the country and throughout the world, » says the statement signed […]


Editorial20 septembre 20172min
In their press releases issued on 17 September, which reached the editorial office of, Citizen movements members of the Civil Society Action Group: Lutte pour le Changement (LUCHA) and Il EST TEMPS invite the Congolese to participate in a mass in memory of the compatriots who died at the so-called « Yellow Card » demonstrations organized […]


Editorial14 septembre 20171min
The cholera has killed 26 people in the province of Haut-Lomami since the epidemic was declared last August. The Provincial Health Minister, Olivier Sampatwa, said it on Tuesday, September 12. According to him, more than a thousand cases of cholera have already been recorded since August in the province. The most affected localities are Mulongo, […]


Editorial14 septembre 20171min
The National Union of Teachers of the State-regulated Catholic schools (SYNECAT) in the Kasai Oriental Province announced last weekend the continuation of their strike. The decision comes when the National Union of Teachers of the Congo (SYECO) just lifted the strike throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo last week. According to the provincial secretary […]


Editorial11 septembre 20172min
« Planning and Development of Industrial and Residential Areas of Urban Agglomerations in the DRC » is the theme of the second edition of the Concrete Expo 2017 opened on Thursday September 07, 2017 in Kinshasa. The opening ceremony of this 2017 edition took place on Thursday in the presence of the Minister of State in charge […]

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